Combat Armory Stripped Pistol Lower / Frame For Gen 3 Glock® 19/23/32 Parts Compatible Locking Block Included

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Introducing the Combat Armory Stripped pistol lower for Glock® 19/23/32 gen 3 parts.  The Combat armory Stripped pistol lower provides Shooters the ability to use this rock solid platform as a base to engineer a very personalized sub compact pistol using any of your favorite OEM or after market components. Great for updating your current Gen1-3 Glock® Pistol get rid of your non textured frame, old frames can be slick to the touch and if you are not a fan the finger groves this frame has none. The Combat Armory Pistol Frame fits all your Glock® holsters too!The Combat Armory Pistol Lower was designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Combat Armory's Manufacturing Philosophy of making super high quality parts at a fair price has been our Focus for  decade's. This is a 100% frame must ship to FFL, item does not ship to California, Connecticut, Boulder,Denver, Vail, Colorado.Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Cook County, Illinois, or Deerfield, Illinois, Washington D.C.

* Embedded Stainless steel rails installed

* Glass nylon reinforced polymer

* Medium Aggressive Textured grip

* High Trigger guard undercut

* Scalped Magazine release well

* Forward landing pads for fingers when shooting

* Made to be Compatible with gen 3 locking block INCLUDED WITH FRAME. If swapping out complete parts from gen 1-2 you will just need to update the locking block (Also sold at Combat Armory)

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    This product is exactly what it promises to be

    Posted by Jake on 13th May 2022

    I purchased this frame hoping to build a G19 clone on the cheap and was not disappointed. With this frame, a Combat Armory Barrel, an LPK, and a slide+recoil spring from Palmetto State Armory you can have a no-shit G19 for right around $300. In addition, the front of the frame is dimensionally very similar to the G19 and thus retains glock holster compatibility unlike the PSA Dagger.

    I recommend this product whole heartedly and would absolutely s**t a lego garage if they came out with a G17 compatible frame.

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    Best gen 3 lower for the price

    Posted by Ethan T Davis on 13th May 2022

    Honestly, on par with other companies like the PSA dagger frame, or p80 frames. No machining burrs or defects that I've found, and all lower parts installed with no issues. I'm definitely buying a few more for future builds.

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    Combat Armory Pistol Lower

    Posted by Trevon J. Lawson on 11th May 2022

    Great lower, takes Glock parts and functions great.

  • 5

    Posted by Casey on 10th May 2022

    These frames are amazing. The integrated rails solves a lot of fit issues polymer 80s have. The texture is aggressive and I like the thumb rest area at the take down lever. Looking at this any my Gen 3 Glock, it’s even more mind blowing that you can get this for such a low price. I’ll most definitely come back for more of these

  • 5

    Posted by James Jones on 9th May 2022

    Biggest mistake I ever made was not buying these when I got into these handguns. The CA frame is hands down better than the other brands on the street.....period! I bought 3 of these and might just need to buy 100 more. CA has some quality products and the price, oh my! You will not go wrong. Stay away from other brands.

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    Combat Armory Stripped Frame Compact Frame

    Posted by Michael Long on 9th May 2022

    Absolutely the best bang for the buck frame you can buy on the market. I couldn't resist buying up a few frames for rainy projects. I love the grip angle,texturing and the trigger guard under cut. I'm telling everyone about these fantastic USA made frames!

  • 5
    Better than the Dagger 100%

    Posted by Ry Crosier on 5th May 2022

    Fit is perfect. The polymer blend doesn't feel like a toy.

    This fits perfect in a Glock holster and it is about as close to a clone as it gets.
    No silly grip bump.
    Actually, this is better out the gate than a stock Glock frame because you would be customizing a Glock frame to have the same features anyways.

    I would say this is better than a Glock frame if you do not know how to stipple or modify a frame.

  • 5

    Posted by Hoss Pickard on 5th May 2022

    I cannot say enough good things about these lowers. It has all of the features that I wanted in a pistol frame – no finger grooves, undercut trigger guard, rounded front of trigger guard, aggressive stippling (including the front of the trigger guard and thumb rest portion of the frame), and the assembled build will fit in a standard G19 holster. This lower combines the best features of all of the aftermarket lowers on the market – I have tried them all.

    I used OEM factory parts and my build it was flawless and all parts fit as they should – no issues during assembly. I test fired using an OEM factory upper and then an aftermarket upper – with two hundred rounds through each – work flawlessly with each.

    The best part is the price – no aftermarket company can compete with the price of these. I purchase two and will purchase more in the very near future. After examining my lowers, the receiving FFL of my order says the he will be ordering a few of these as well…

  • 5

    Posted by Mark on 4th May 2022

    This frame is solid greatly made all part fit great and work perfectly.Glock 19,23,32 frame .

    combat armory

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